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Justine Oates is a Head and Neck/Rhinology nurse practitioner completing her Master of Nursing at Sydney University in 2016.


She pioneered the nurse consultant role in head and neck working alongside Prof Chris O’Brien at RPA for 15 years.

In 2014 she transitioned to Chris O’Brien Lifehouse at its opening and developed within the nursing teams the highly specialised nursing care required to care for complex head and neck surgical and radiation oncology patients.


Justine has been an integral member of the head and neck multidisciplinary team for 20 years. She commenced her role as a head and neck nurse practitioner in 2017, one of 3 nurse practitioners in this scope of practice within Australia.


Justine Oates is extremely competent in all aspects of advanced nursing care and able to act autonomously to use clinical judgement and expertise to provide specialised care. Her expertise and clinical skill are well recognized, including a passion for research particularly the evaluation of the quality of life for her patients following treatment. She has published and presented both nationally and internationally the impact of head and neck cancer and its treatment on quality of life. She remains an invited lecturer at Sydney University Nursing School.


It is with great excitement and enthusiasm that Justine has joined Dr Catherine Banks to expand her scope of practice to include rhinology and looks forward to furthering her professional capabilities to continue the future advancement and development of the nurse practitioner role.

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